Current Tenants

Move-In Procedure

When it is getting close to the time for your to move in to your new place:

  • Give us a call and set up an appointment for us to meet and give you the keys. Reminder: we only hand out keys if whatever rent is due is paid in full. *Choose a person in your group to handle the utilities.
  • That person will need to call WeEnergies and transfer the electric and gas (if appropriate for your apartment) into their name as of the day your lease starts. Their number is 1-800-242-9137. You will need your the address of your new place.
  • Call the City of Whitewater and transfer the water into your name also (if appropriate for your apartment). Their number is 262-473-0580 and speak to Utilities-Kathy.            

Move-Out Procedure

Bottom line: When you move out, the apartment/house should like like it did when you moved in. Refer to your lease for your responsibilities. Attached is a form to help to know what to clean. This is not a complete list and you should use your own best judgment when cleaning the house.

Call WeEnergies (electric and gas if applicable) and the City of Whitewater (water if applicable) to cancel your utilities as of the last day of your lease-NOT the last day you are in the apartment if you move out early. You are responsible for the utilities whether you are physically there or not. By canceling your utilities, they will be able to do a final reading and give you a final bill. If your utilities are not canceled and we have to do it, we charge $10.00 to make the phone call so make sure you take care of and save yourself some money. Per your lease, if you have an outstanding water bill that is not paid by the time we send security deposits back, we will pay it on your behalf and deduct that amount plus a $10.00 surcharge from your security deposit.

Forward your mail to your new address. Forms are available at the Post Office or online at

Leave your keys on the kitchen counter along with your forwarding address.

Security Deposits: We will send your security deposit balance within 21 days of the last day of your lease per state law. Please do not call inquiring about your security deposit. Please understand we have over 100 tenants and if all of them called, our phones would be going crazy. Trust us, we will send it out. We have never been late.

NOTE: If you do not provide us with a forwarding address, we will be sending your security deposit balance to your last known address which is the apartment/house you were living in. If your security deposit goes to your old address and gets lost because you did not supply us with a forwarding address or forward your mail, there is a $25.00 charge for us to cancel our check and resend it to your new address.