About Us

We’ve been landlords for about 15 years. We started renting college housing in 2003. Since then we have been buying properties that are close to the University. We think graduating from UW-Whitewater has helped us be able to understand the needs of college students and what they are looking for in housing. We don’t own a lot of properties but what we do own, we take good care of. When you call us, we call you back. When something is broken, we fix it promptly. We are diligent landlords who take pride in their homes. Thank you for considering Lowrich Rentals.

We also take care of properties for many other landlords. That has helped us be able to offer a lot of options making us your one and only phone call. Just call us and we’ll find the right apartment for you at the price you want to spend. Thanks for considering Lowrich Rentals.